Mommy Minute Monday – The Vintage Honey Shop


When babies get to be about the age of my little baby bird a lot of things happen with regards to breastfeeding. Or eating in general. They become distracted, curious, and may or may not begin teething.

Cue the amazing ladies at The Vintage Honey Shop who have solved all of our problems. Now, when wandering hands start smacking me in the face, I gently guide them to the ‘typewriter’ fabric covered beads and knots dangling around my neck and I am no longer target practice. When wandering eyes lead to stretched nipples and broken latches, I bring the attention back to the breast and feeding with the knotted perfection around my neck. When tears are streaming the beautiful face of my poor teething babe, I encourage gnawing on the necklace to sooth aching gums. And lastly, I no longer stress about what to buy for upcoming baby showers – there would be no better gift!



I’ve looked around at/for teething necklaces before but I’ve always found them to be choking hazards and when I saw the way these were designed I knew they would be perfect!



They are also the perfect accessory for baby wearing and are available with teething rings in the middle as well (my next buy!).


The only ‘con’ I’ve had since getting my VH Shop necklace is that the ribbon tie, while great for adjusting the length, has slipped undone a few too many times!

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