Mommy Minute Monday – Homemade Baby Food

This Sunday coming up, baby bird will be exactly three months old. She is 12 weeks today and time is flying by like mad. Three months marks the half way point in my maternity leave, and is also half way to when she will be old enough to add new foods to her breastmilk diet (6mos)! In addition to pumping and storing breastmilk, I’ve begun to prepare some purée baby food that I’ll freeze as well! I didn’t make much today but I’ll be making more and more as time goes on!

Today I stuck with foods that didn’t need to be cooked – three bananas and one avocado. *next time I’ll pick up two avocados, one just wasn’t enough for a full tray!

I first mushed the banana and avocado (separately!) in a bowl before adding to the food processor.. The avocado also needed a couple tablespoons of water to improve its consistency. When they were ready I placed them in ice cube trays with lids and voila!

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