Mommy Minute Monday – Postpartum Bod

I’m not one to encourage body shaming or comparing one pregnancy to another but I thought some of you might be curious (nosy?) and so I decided I might as well over-share! Let’s take a ‘minute’ to talk about this postpartum body of mine!

When I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 145lbs. I initially lost a couple pounds when I was having morning sickness, but you bet that by 41wks pregnant I had gained a whopping 44lbs – I was sitting at a huge 189lbs.

I didn’t get on a scale until two weeks postpartum when I discovered that I weighed exactly 20lbs less – 169lbs! Considering Emily was 7lbs 9oz, my placenta had an extra lobe, and the buckets of amniotic fluid I had ditched, this wasn’t entirely impressive.

At 10wks postpartum (it’s been a week since I hopped on the ole scale) I discovered that I’ve lost all but 10lbs! I’m 155lbs and well on my way to fitting back into my scrubs.

There’s some extra skin hanging around, a not-quite-faded linea nigra and a few stretch marks to remind me how miraculous my body is.

Now, you know! ;)

^ December 2013 vs. December 2014

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