Simple Sunday – Military Family

Since baby bird has arrived, Kevin hasn’t had to be away AT ALL.

This past week he was away from Monday morning to Thursday night, and will be away the same this coming week!

While it was horrible and stressful to be alone 24/7 with Em (especially when the water main broke!), it was also good to discover that I am capable of taking care of everything alone. And by alone I mean with my parents just 2 streets away! ;)

We went out together one for the first time and I learned that I can actually shower while home alone!

Being a military family, I know that it will get both easier and harder each time Kev is away, and sometime the day will come when he goes away for much longer than 4 days.

I dread it, but I will be okay! I signed up for this life. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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