Mommy Minute Monday – Cloth Wipes

So I have been a mommy now for six weeks! I’ve made a few small goals for myself and one of them is upping the content on my blog a little bit! I decided to do a ‘Mommy Minute’ each Monday to just share a little something related to parenting that shouldn’t take you much more than a minute to read!

Today’s Minute is about cloth wiping! A lot of you may hear about cloth diapering but I’m not talking about that, I use disposable diapers! I was using disposable wipes too until our little baby bird developed quite the sore bum and we switched to using cloth to wipe with…


We found a great way to store them so that they are always ready to go – an empty wipes container! They are dampened and stored in there, and we just grab one per diaper change! They don’t have time to mildew as we use/wash them daily.



That’s it for today’s Minute! Leave your questions & comments below and if you like it I’ll do another next week! What should I do for the other days of the week!? Let me know!

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