Remembrance Day 2014

Every year I use this blog as a place to share my thoughts on on of the most somber days of the year – Remembrance Day.

I’ve been doing so for about 4 years now..

Each year there seems to be something new or different and this year is no exception. Sometimes it is just the parade route or the weather. Sometimes it’s more than that. This year, Remembrance Day was tinged with worry and fear. Tinged with whispers and sideways glances. Tinged with the fresh mourning of two of our Canadian soldiers.

Standing on the street downtown this morning as I listened to and watched the ceremony, I couldn’t help but think especially about the families whose loss is new and fresh. The families who know firsthand that “they shall not grow old” is the truest statement made on Remembrance Day. I feel such sadness for them. And then I thought about the fear that has been blanketed over people across the country. And I felt such sadness for all of us, too.

As I watched the father of my unborn daughter march by me this morning, side by side with his brothers – the soldiers that are so much a part of my life, and standing beside my father with his chest full of medals and his army pride.. I just couldn’t help but revel in how lucky I am to have them there today. Alive. Well. Serving our country.

I was proud to walk down the street today beside a soldier.

I always have been and always will be.

And I will remember them.

One thought on “Remembrance Day 2014

  1. Very fine words Barb. Thank you to Kevin and Jason and your Dad. This year I was not in my right place as I always try to thank all the fine soldiers I know personally on FB or in person. I too felt the ominous dark cloud this year and was brought to tears at the singing of “Oh Canada”. The presence of policemen armed and poised with guns also shook me a little. My thoughts are always grateful for our freedom. I to remember.

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