Happy Birthday Alaska!

Last October, about a month and a half after our wedding, Kevin and I decided that something was missing. For so long we always had Mac and Berkley, but nothing was quite right with Mac missing.

I wasn’t ready for another puppy, that was for sure, so we went off to the SPCA to look at kittens! We met Alaska (who was named Rosie at the time) and when we left that day we knew we had to go right back and get her!

She came into our little house and got into nooks and crannies we didn’t know existed. She also got into our hearts, and never left! The biggest feat that she managed was convincing our 5 year old tabby cat to put up with her! And today is her first birthday!

Little white ball of energy came in and changed our lives! <3

IMG_2135 IMG_2634 IMG_0004

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