Baby Bump Update – 22 Weeks


Baby is the size of:

A papaya!

Total weight gained: 11lbs

Pre-pregnancy – 145lbs

April – 142lbs

May – 148lbs

June – 151lbs

July – 156lbs

August –

Maternity clothes?

Love them when I just want to be comfortable (and be sure my belly won’t stick out under my shirt!)

Stretch marks?

Yup! So far, they don’t seem to be worsening..


Ahh, how I love to take naps!

Best moment of the week?

Watching the look on Kevin’s face when he feels baby kicking and moving around! And like always, feeling new movements and sensations when baby is wiggling around!

Missing anything?



Oh yes!

Food cravings?

Nachos..chicken nuggets..cherry kool-aid…

Anything making you sick?


Belly button in or out?

Still in there!

Wedding rings on or off?


Moody or happy?


What are you looking forward to this week?

Looking at some houses where we might possibly raise this little wiggler! :)


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