Pink or Blue?

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We found out yesterday, July 21st 2014, the gender of our little Christmas present. And we are keeping it a secret.

“You can’t do that!”

“How will people buy you anything?”

“That’s just cruel, not telling everyone!”

“You won’t be able to keep it a secret! You’re going to slip up!”


That last one is my favourite. Why are we keeping it a secret? Let me explain… You see, my husband and I aren’t huge fans of surprises. We like to know what’s going on, we like to be prepared, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like surprising other people! You know in the movies, or when a couple has a baby and they didn’t know the gender, and the new dad walks into the waiting room and yells, “It’s a ______!!!”….? Well I just thought, why shouldn’t Kevin get that moment too? It’s really not as fun if our whole family already knows! As for purchasing things, this one is easy. We aren’t having a baby so that people will buy us things, or at least we don’t want anyone to feel like they have to! I know it’s much easier to find cute ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ outfits and everything but there is nothing wrong with gender neutral either! In fact, the neutral things can be passed down to the next baby regardless of the gender! We are excited about having things that we can save for the next baby. I’d also like to say that we are SO lucky that our baby is healthy. With everything that can go wrong throughout conception and pregnancy, it is a blessing just to have a baby who is growing well and developing properly. We want to be thankful for that, first and foremost.

Now you may be wondering how we can do it..and I don’t really have a sure-fire answer for you! We only found out the gender yesterday so we haven’t had to deal with too much interrogation about it just yet. Everyone is making guesses and it’s just plain fun to know who is right and who is wrong. We bought a big tote container and locks so that if we see anything gender-specific that we just can’t resist buying, it will go in there and be locked away from prying eyes. All of the things already in the baby room will stay, regardless of whether they are blue or pink..we’ve been preparing for both for quite a while!

Annnnnd……if there comes a day where we decide that keeping this secret is just so hard, well, I promise we’ll come up with a really good way to tell everyone.

Until then,


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