What’s With the Whiteboard?

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Two years-ish ago now I was out at Staples doing some school supply shopping and I spotted a huge whiteboard with a rough wood frame and though it looked kind of beach-y. My plan when we buy a house is to do a coastal theme in some of the rooms and so this fit in perfectly with my kitchen – the only room in the house that is coastal/beachy at the moment. And I bought the whiteboard!

At the time, Kevin was in Afghanistan. I started writing messages on it, the daily countdown until when he would arrive home, or notes that I needed to remember. (The actual number of days was cropped out because I wasn’t allowed to post his return date on social media).

Once he got home, it became our notepad to each other. I’d leave for school and write that I fed the pets before I left and then when I’d get home there would be a note from him that said he was working late and that he’d see me later. Worked out pretty well, this practical ‘ole whiteboard.

Now, fast-forward to present day, we still use the whiteboard to write messages or little love notes to each other. Sometimes I’ll write to him in French and I’ll come back to find all the grammar/spelling corrections pointed out in red…

But now we also use it to document our little baby-to-be’s progress week by week! You can see them all below!

IMG_4494 IMG_4537 IMG_0017 IMG_0037 10307212_10152400734938498_1834688539860987523_n IMG_0065 10341515_10152433866493498_478847115707351608_n IMG_0060 10470931_10152467233153498_8003212204966535612_n 10325159_10152487192418498_2251402604950101612_n 10462671_10152502309513498_1136090184828711871_n10152010_10152535074178498_2239701108846843325_nIMG_4911

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