Weekly Baby Bump Update – Week Sixteen


(Sorry I’m late! This was supposed to be up Friday!)

Baby is the size of:

An avacado! One of the ladies I work with called the baby ‘little guac’ which was funny and kind of cute!

Total weight gained:

I don’t weigh myself at home, so here is the progression –
Pre-pregnancy weight: 145lbs
April appointment: 142lbs
May appointment: 148lbs
June appointment: 151lbs
July appointment: ?

Maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes is amazing and so comfortable! I got a whole bag full from another nurse and I am BEYOND excited!

Stretch marks?

Not yet! Belly is getting itchy though..


Most of the time I sleep okay! If we don’t count the shift work..

Best moment of the week?

Going to my doctor’s appointment and seeing that my weight is pretty well on track, and hearing baby’s little heartbeat again! Baby was moving all around while he tried to get a good listen, ended up getting 157bpm! :)

Missing anything?

I broke down and had a [decaf] coffee from Second Cup before a nightshift! It was delicious.


Still just the occasional flutter!

Food cravings?


Anything making you sick?

Just eating too quickly! Otherwise I feel pretty amazing most of the time!

Starting to show?


Belly button in or out?

Still in!

Wedding rings on or off?

Still on!

Moody or happy?


What are you looking forward to this week?

Canada day festivities with my hubby and best friends!

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