Shared Parenting and Equality

When a woman is pregnant, she is often faced with many questions.

“How far along are you?”

“When are you due?”

“Will you find out the gender?”

My husband was faced with one: ‘Are you taking any time off?’.

I asked him what sort of things people said when he told ‘the guys’ that we were going to have a baby and it seems as though the usual ‘congrats’ and that was pretty much it! I wasn’t really surprised that there were no twenty-questions for him. But there was one thing they wanted to know! Would the new Dad be taking any time away from work.

And the ladies that I work with had almost all assumed I’d be taking an entire year away from my career!

Funny how that works, eh?

Neither my husband nor I have been parents before. Shouldn’t we both get a fair shot at it? The plan that we have is to split the parental leave 50/50. I will take the first half, obviously, considering the first weeks are postpartum leave and I’ll need some time after delivery. Once baby is six months old I will be heading back to work and Kevin will be taking over diaper duty! (And nap patrol, feeding crew, etc.)

I’ve read that ‘co-parenting’ and ‘shared parenting’ is this up-and-coming trend and that more and more people are splitting the roles of stay-at-home parent. Unfortunately, neither Kevin nor I will ever be able to stay home with our kids full time. We only get one year of uninterrupted time with our new little baby and wouldn’t it be unfair if I didn’t let Kevin share any of it?

I’m not putting down ANYONE who is able to enjoy their year of maternity leave. On the contrary – all the power to you! But Kevin expressed a HUGE interest in being home with our baby and if the roles were reversed, wouldn’t I feel the same way? Wouldn’t I feel awful if it was his decision and he didn’t ‘let’ me stay home at all?

So when curious people ask why I’ll be heading back to work after only six months, that is why! My husband and I just plan to share!

I know it will be hard to go back to work, but it will be hard regardless of when I decide to go back. It will be easier knowing our baby’s Papa is home with them and not a stranger at a daycare.

Feel free to share your opinion or what your family decided in the comments! :)

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