Weekly Baby Bump Update – Week Fourteen


Baby is the size of:
A lemon (or the size of my fist).

Total weight gained?
I don’t weigh myself at home, so here is the progression!
Pre-pregnancy weight: 145lbs
April appointment: 142lbs
May appointment: 148lbs
June appointment: ?

Maternity clothes?
I have maternity leggings, and a couple of tops but I’m mostly just wearing leggings and stretchy clothes!

Stretch marks?
None yet!

Getting better! Shift work messes with my sleep quite a bit though.

Best moment of the week?
Feeling the baby flutter around in there & letting some students listen to his or her little heartbeat (157bpm!) and hearing movement with the doppler too!

Missing anything?

Occasional little flutters!

Food cravings?
Pop – but I haven’t had anything carbonated in a few years so I haven’t indulged!

Anything making you sick?
I threw up my entire brunch last week but since then nada!

Started to show?
Yes :)

Belly button in or out?
Belly button is still in but the piercing is not! Belly button is looking bigger..hmm.

Wedding rings on or off?

Moody or happy?
Mostly happy! Crying really easily though!

What are you looking forward to this week?
Celebrating this little baby’s Papa’s birthday!!

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