Weekly Baby Bump Update – Week Twelve

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Baby is the size of:
A large plum!

Total weight gained?
My pre-pregnancy weight was 145lbs and then at my first prenatal appointment I was down to 142lbs. On Tuesday at my appointment I was 148lbs so I’m either up 3lbs or 6lbs – you decide :)

Maternity clothes?
I have maternity leggings and the rest is just stretchy clothes.

Stretch marks?
Cocoa butter! I’m almost out though..

Upgraded to a body pillow = heaven!

Best moment of the week?
I got all my prenatal bloodwork back while at my appointment and everything is great! And baby’s heartbeat was a steady 145bpm <3

Missing anything?
Nope! I love being pregnant!

Waiting waiting waiting!

Food cravings?
Ham and cheese sandwiches.

Anything making you sick?
I threw up a banana muffin. Ugh

Started to show?
Yes :)

Belly button in or out?
Belly button is still in but the piercing is not!

Wedding rings on or off?

Moody or happy?
Definitely moody! And crying lots! (I’m sorry everyone!)

What are you looking forward to this week?
Enjoying days off :)

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