Weekly Baby Bump Update – Seven Weeks


Baby is the size of:

A blueberry!


Total weight gained?

I am actually -3lbs at the moment…I’m sure I’ll make up for it soon!


Maternity clothes?

Not wearing any!


Stretch marks?

Cocoa butter every night.



Napping a lot during the day and awake a lot at night!


Best moment of the week?

Having our first prenatal doctor’s appointment!


Missing anything?




No where near that yet..


Food cravings?

Nope, just really hungry!


Anything making you sick?

Pretty much everything.


Started to show?

Not really but feeling pregnant for sure.


Belly button in or out?

In and still pierced..that will have to come out eventually I guess!


Wedding rings on or off?



Moody or happy?

Happy almost all of the time! A little moody with Mr. Bouchard now and again! Sometimes I burst into tears, don’t judge!


What are you looking forward to this week?


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