A letter to my baby.

I had to take some time

I have some things to say

I thought that I could share them

This seemed like a good way


I talk to you often

I lay my hands right where you are

No matter what I’m doing

My thoughts of you aren’t far


You take your time in growing

With this I am okay

I’ll be patient waiting

Until you come out to play


But if I never meet you

Never kiss your sweet face

I just want you to know

No one could take your place


I’ve seen such happy moments

Cherishing a baby

But I’m also well aware

It’s always just a ‘maybe’


So stay inside my belly, please

I’ll do my best to keep you there

Take your sweet time growing

I have everything to share


Your papa and I love you

We’ve gone a bit insane

Since we learned about you

Nothing is the same


I lay awake at night, hands on my belly

And I just wanted you to know

I feel you in there, baby

Please grow, grow, grow, grow

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