Feeling a little ‘hippy’…

I start physiotherapy tomorrow for my left hip.

I feel like an 80 year old woman.

It’s been quite a while now that it’s been bothering me, and when I was at the doctor last week I mentioned it and now I have a lovely piece of paper from a prescription pad that says ‘physiotherapy’.

I’m not really sure what I did to it that is causing it to be so painful, and it doesn’t even ALL the time. It hurts the most when I get up off my mat to leave yoga – I can hardly walk. Also, the day after yoga. It starts to hurt about 2 hours into my 12hr shifts and that is not pleasant. It hurts when I lay down to sleep and when I sit for too long. On days when it’s really bad I can hardly walk.

And you would think that, being a nurse, I would know what’s going to go down tomorrow, but I don’t. I work on a floor where our patients RARELY need physio. I haven’t seen a physio therapist for myself before and the last time I saw one for my patient was in university. I’m kind of nervous. Not nervous about the physio, but nervous that I will be in a lot of pain after, when I’m about to work 72hrs in 8 days.

Could be worse, I guess!


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