My Adopted Child

I have spent a lot of time talking about how badly Kevin and I want to be parents. We always have wanted kids and have always agreed to have two. What some of you may or may not know is we hope to have a third child.

My adopted child.

He or she could already be born. Or maybe [s]he will arrive in a year or two. I am not sure exactly because it won’t be my body that carries him or her. There will be a time where this baby will be held by another’s arms.

And then there will come a time when a social worker, after careful inspection of our finances, history, and home, will decide that we can bring our third child home.

I dont know what [s]he will look or sound like. I don’t know how long it will take. But I know that the day we become parents of our adopted child will be the day I truly become a mother. I will fulfill a dream that even as I write this feels unattainable. I know there is a child out there that Kevin and I will meet and hug and love and watch grow into an adult who knows love. Real love. Knows that we didn’t just wait nine months to meet. Who knows that we have wanted him or her since before we had any kids at all.

My adopted child.

Whenever you arrive and wherever you are, please be patient with us. We want you and we love you, and we will find you as soon as we can. Promise.

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