January 1st, 2014




Today is the day where millions of people around the world are taking the time to sit down and plan out some new year’s resolutions. Or, they just share the photo below on their social network and call it a day. Either way, it’s time for change! New year, new beginnings.



In keeping with the tradition, I thought I might blog about my new year’s resolutions too. I tried to make a couple of them reasonably achievable in the next few weeks or so, and then some are a little more abstract or might take some time. As for the picture, I think the whole point is: everything in moderation. I’ll try to update you all as I cross them off the list!

  1. Finish my breastfeeding course [for work].
  2. Blog once a week. (So far, so good! Haha)
  3. Go to yoga at LEAST once a week, but preferably twice a week.
  4. Try every day to be a great nurse – one that other nurses want to work with and that patients want to have.
  5. Smile more!
  6. Write/finish my novel Writing Agatha.
  7. Buy a house.
  8. Have a baby.

2 thoughts on “January 1st, 2014

  1. Well Barb you already are an amazing Nurse and great to work with so you can check that sucker off!! As for everything else I hope 2014 is your year buddy!! Love Kels

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