Six Years Later


Six years ago, it was 2007.
The above photo was taken in the summer of that year, before I knew that I loved him.

I’ve told you all the story before, and I won’t tell it all over again, but it has been a whole six years since Kevin and I started dating and I feel it needs some sort of commemoration. He thinks we start over now and only count our wedding anniversary. I think he is wrong.
We have given each other six years of our lives, and over that time a lot has changed. We have changed. Our lives have changed.

When we first began dating, there were ten days till Christmas, just like today. That year we exchanged gifts – I got him booster cables and a “first Christmas together” ornament. And now I have put it on my tree for the sixth time. The booster cables are in my trunk.

Back in 2007 I was still in high school and Kevin was a no-hook private, brand new to 2RCR. This year he’s a corporal with a service medal – a veteran – and I am finally a nurse.

When we started dating we were just figuring out who we were and how we fit together as a couple. How to make our place in the world. This year, we just want to make a place for a family.

Six years ago today Kevin and I told each other “I love you” for the first time and today… Well, today we wouldn’t even have to tell each other. I can see it in his eyes and I can feel it as we move through our day. I can hear it as he walks through the house and I just know.

We have grown and changed over the last six years, we’ve moved and shifted and yet through all of it we have loved.

Cheers to six years, and sixty or so more!!


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