Cigarettes & Losing My Say in the Matter

Once upon a time, years and years ago, it was speculated on that I would someday succumb to peer pressure and try smoking a cigarette. I’ll put it out there now, straight away, that I never have. Not one single puff. And for the most part I have stayed well away from secondhand smoke, too.

Once, in middle school, I threw up after being in a vehicle with someone smoking. I am instantly nauseous when the smell of cigarette smoke is unavoidable. I have even come to be a source of detection among my family – can you smell smoke in this vehicle? Is someone nearby smoking? Yes and yes.

My aversion to cigarette smoke has cost me, too. In high school it was as trivial as popularity. In nursing school, it was patient teaching – learning to engage in smoking cessation teaching without tossing my cookies. In my personal life, I have lost friends, unable to continue socializing with them while their socializing centralized around ‘a quick smoke’.

Most recently, my efforts to avoid inhaling secondhand smoke has become a daily struggle. If any of you are familiar with PMQ or CFHA accommodations, you may know that you never get to choose your neighbours. And our most recent move-ins are quite the ticket. Not only are they loud, questionable pet owners, but also…

They smoke in their house.

Their house is attached to mine.

My house stinks.

Now, I’ve been debating on whether or not to write this for some time. I’ve been avoiding my basement – the area where the smell is worst – and so I’ve had plenty of time to write it. Instead, we contacted CFHA and requested to have our house resealed in an effort to block air(smell)flow from next door. True to military housing; no one has showed up yet.

For the last two or three days I have noticed the smell creeping into more unwelcome areas. My back porch (we shut the door). The kitchen (we opened windows). My living room (we’ve lit candles).

But now, after calling CFHA (Canadian Forces Housing Agency) AGAIN to request that something be done, I am sitting on my couch trying not to throw up.

And I’m wishing I had more respectful neighbours.

Apparently, my right to clean air and my right to abstain from inhaling secondhand smoke has been taken away. Taken away by crappy new neighbours and military housing.

*Gladly accepting any and all donations toward buying a house.*

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