Why We Love Dogs


Why do we love dogs? Because…

  • they greet us each morning with excitement
  • they greet us every five minutes with excitement
  • they woof and growl and whine at the most appropriate moments
  • they pee outside, most of the time
  • they chew our things – who needs a remote, anyway?
  • we can pretend to walk them while they drag us around the neighbourhood
  • we are always up for grabbing a slimy ball to throw
  • we can never finish all our supper and obviously need someone to share it with!
  • they will lend a paw to anyone – young or old
  • they will ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘lay’, and just about anything else if there are treats involved
  • they will snuggle with us until we yell, “Help! Someone get him off me!”
  • they tell you the mailman has arrived 5 minutes before the mail lands in the box
  • they turn car drives into adventures
  • they accessorize ALL of our things with fur
  • we love getting whacked by a passing tail

We love dogs unconditionally because that is all they ask of us.

We love dogs because we can’t imagine our lives without the slobbery kisses, occasional paw scrapes, and fur-covered clothes.

And, even when we lose them, we keep on loving them.


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