How not to write a book..

I have wanted to write a book since, well, since I started reading them. I love reading, love all different genres of literature, and think it would be an honour to be among those who manage to publish something they spent hours, days, years working on.

So, have I written one yet? No.

I have finished high school.

I have gotten an undergrad degree.

I’ve gotten a big girl job.

I’ve Facebook’d, Tweet’d, and Instagram’d about writing a book.

I’ve blogged about it (how ironic..)

I’ve told friends and family.


Basically, I’ve discovered how NOT to write a book – by doing everything else.

So, a couple days ago I opened up a fresh Word document and I started typing, and then scrawling things into a notebook on my desk, and then typing again. I have a page and a half and I have no idea just where it’s going yet.

But I’ve started writing a book!

About a girl named Agatha.

Maybe, you might meet her soon.

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