There are a lot of new things in my life, and I’m feeling very spoiled!

I have a new husband, and we both have shiny new rings on our left hands. I have had a new job for a while now, which has allowed us that perfect wedding. A new TV stand with a fireplace to huddle around this fall, and a new fishie named Joe who sits in a bowl on that TV stand. And guess what? I’m typing this on my brand new iMac!! :D

Sitting here marvelling at how things have been changing lately has me thinking about the past and days when we weren’t so lucky. Days when it was hard to scrounge a few dollars for groceries and every extra cent I had went toward school or throwing $3.47 in my tank of gas.

So I just thought I’d share how well things are going at the moment, and maybe now that I have this amazing computer, I can blog more, maybe make a few more YouTube videos, and maybe – finally – get going on that book!


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