It’s all in the name.

Have you ever given much thought to your name?

If you are like me, you might have.

I think, growing up, I thought more about my name than the average joe (pun intended). For those who may not know, I have what I like to call a ‘storybook name’. That is, a name that carries with it a novella – the reason it was chosen.

My name: Barbara Laura Leeanne Weir

I was named Barbara after my Nanny, who passed away when my Mom was pregnant. Then Laura was chosen after my Grammy, my Dad’s mother – to keep everything fair and square. Lee/Anne is a combination of my parents middle names, which I think is pretty original.

Then, there is the last name – Weir.

Thanks to Mattel & golf giant Mike Weir, my name has actually become pretty cool, but it wasn’t always the case. Barbie Weir has taken some getting used to! Used to the jokes, the questions, and the weird looks. But I got used to it and I even found ways to love my name.

I told kids at the IWK that their nurse’s name was Barbie, and they LOVED it! And I loved it too. And when people would ask me if I was related to Mike Weir? My response – nope, but Jack Weir is waaay cooler anyway! ;)

Since getting married on Saturday (yipee!), I have began the process of changing my last name, and it’s gotten me thinking. Thinking about my name and what it means to me. I have been so excited to change my name, and now that it’s almost done I find myself wanting to yell WAIT!!! Wait just one minute!!

I want to go back to elementary school and tell all the bullies that Barbies are way cool and that there will one day be weirder names than Weir!

I want to tell my grade 8 self that “Barb” can wait. That I could have been Barbie just a little longer.

I want to hug my Dad and tell him that I’m sorry. Sorry if he ever, EVER thought I hated his name. Our name.

I signed my name ‘Barb Bouchard’ today.

I feel like I want to smile from ear to ear, and cry at the same time. And I wish more than ever that I had a brother.

But, life changes and forms and moves on. And if it’s all in the name then I guess I’ve changed. I now share a name with my husband, the man that I have chosen to spend my life with. The name we will give to our children.

It’s time to build a life and that starts with changing. My name.

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