On to the next chapter…

Graduation is coming  up on May 29th, 2013 and so I thought I’d take a look back over my years in school.

[To see the blog I wrote about finishing second year of my bachelor of nursing please click HERE.]

It’s hard to believe the four years of university are already coming to an end, when it feels like only yesterday I was excited about my high school graduation.

Graduation 2009/2013


I went to kindergarten and elementary school, grades 1-7, in Petawawa at Pinecrest Public School. I went to one year of middle school, grade 8, at Ridgeview. I went to high school at OHS, and finally my bachelor of nursing at UNB. I’ve been in school for 18 of my 22 years. :|

I still have 7 weeks of preceptorship to complete before I am technically finished, but that hardly seems like school at all. Working 12-hour shifts at the hospital in the field I was meant to be in? Nope, definitely not school work. There is so much on my mind as I finish my degree. Will I do well in preceptorship? Will I be a good nurse? Will I do well on my CRNE exam? Will I get a job? So many questions. Did I have all of these questions when I finished high school? Was I worried about starting university? Starting a new chapter..

I was. But I needn’t have worried so much. University is hard, but not impossible, and I couldn’t imagine doing something else after high school. So why am I worried now?

Because, once again, I’m starting a new chapter. Well, a couple, actually. I’m leaving the safety of school and grades and homework and heading into the real world where life means more than passing a test and writing papers. I’m going to have patients, in my care, and no instructor to make sure I don’t make mistakes.


Do you know, though, what makes it feel right? How I know that all of this hard work has led me to where I’m supposed to be? Because at the end of a long day, when I’m tired and exhausted and I just want to go home, I still remember how much I want to be a nurse. How much I want to know why my patient is ringing their call bell. How much I care about what happens to them and if or when they get to go home.

It’s in how excited I was to take the doula training course, how much I have enjoyed my time in labour & delivery with my doula clients, but how that also reminds me what kind of nurse I want to be. Seeing nurses from a different perspective, when they don’t know that I’m really “one of them”. It’s the passion I have in helping expecting and new families. The same passion I feel when I see things I wish I could change.

When I graduated high school, I was going on to something that I hoped I would like. Hoped I would be good at. Now, I’m leaving school to be what I was meant to be.

And maybe you don’t know what you are meant for yet. Maybe, there are a couple paths off of your road that you will explore before you find it. But you will find it, what you’re meant for, and when you do…

Well, you’ll just know.

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