Do you have reservations?

On Valentine’s Day, Kevin and I dressed up and he took me on a date.

We had reservations.

The young teenage couple who were dropped off by their parents, did not. It was a 50min wait for a table.

I looked at Kevin and said, “Promise me that you will teach our son how to make reservations? Promise you’ll teach our son to be a man?”.

We don’t have a son.

Kevin looked me right in the eye, however, and said, “of course”.

Of course!

One of the things that I love and admire most about my fiance has always been his unwavering ability to keep track of my dreams, and dream the same ones. I don’t remember the first time I thought I might like to have children. I think it’s always been something I’ve just known. And then I met Kevin, and I could start to imagine the some-days. The one-days. The kind of wishes and dreams that force older people in my life to say “don’t wish your time away!”. I imagine a boy and a girl, that we brought into the world with anxious waiting. I imagine a mystery child, that we bring into our family with the same anxious waiting, to show him or her that love goes beyond genetics and genes.

I’m living in today, but my mind wanders far down the road I’m heading. And Kevin is right there with me.

And I am so thankful.

There are only 3 months until graduation from Nursing.

There are only 6 months until I say my vows.

But there is something amazing about the love I already feel for the family I don’t have yet.

There isn’t a countdown for baby Bouchard. There isn’t a baby Bouchard. And I can’t say for certain anymore when there will be.

But I know that when the day comes, there will already be this huge place in our hearts for him or her.

Because Kevin and I, we’ve made reservations.

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