Safe in a Small Town

I have had a LOT of close calls lately! I thought, at Christmastime when Kevin and I were in Montreal, that Fredericton was small and safe and slow-paced in comparison to the grande ville! Buuuut, I just went back to school this week, and I can not believe how many almost-accidents I’ve had! I’m so thankful that – knock on wood – I have been lucky and nothing bad has happened. At first, I thought it was the storms and the bad weather, and the poorly plowed/salted roads. I’m even willing to chalk half of it up to those big snow banks that block your view when you’re leaving a parking lot or driveway! I am still disapointed though in how quickly I’m losing my faith in drivers. Who teaches people to drive nowadays, anyway? Not my Dad, that’s for sure!

Kevin and I have had some issues in the past with bad drivers which have made me pretty nervous. Lately, I’ve been just shocked at how much worse and more frequent it’s happening! Blatant law-breaking (and I don’t mean 60 in a 50 zone!), cutting people off, merging right into me, trying to pass me even with the oncoming car, and the list goes on….

I thought I was safe in a small town?!

I have said this before but I just want to throw it out there again to ANYONE who is traveling in any way this winter, and always:




because there are people’s children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, neices, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends, and spouses driving around out there and they deserve to be as safe as possible.


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