2013 Resolutions

Each year, I make enough resolutions for the year (e.g., in 2012 I made 12 resolutions, this year I’ll make 13..). So, here they are!

Learn more French – finish my Rosetta Stone program and practice with Kevin and actually use French more

Eat better – follow my meal plan and increase my vitamin/mineral intake

Exercise more – follow my exercise plan and be more active in my everyday life

Save more money – finish paying for school with no loans, save enough for the wedding, fill the change jar

Get organized – I’m already pretty organized, but I want to get even better

Pray more – I’ve spent a lot of time asking for things, I think it’s time to just have a chat once in a while

Check off the bucket list – I want to get more things done off that 101 list!

Stick to the Challenge – see and join in on the Cumulative Challenge HERE

Be a better  nurse – I already think I’m a pretty good one, but I don’t want to let the fast-pace get to me when I’m done school…

Stay in touch – I want to pull away from Facebook a bit and focus more on the people who are actually in my life

Count my blessings – I want to be more thankful for Kevin when he’s home, and complain less when he’s away

Blog more – I don’t think I can ever stick to a once-every-day or same-day-each-week, but we’ll figure something out

Actually stick to my resolutions this year!

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