Christmas Blessings 2012

Hey everyone!! Merry Christmas!! Hope you and yours had an amazing day, filled with whatever traditions mean the world to you! I was beyond blessed this year with the best things – family galore, great food, special time with loved ones, and so much love! I had the chance to get together with Kevin’s step-memere and learn how to make apple pie and tortiers from scratch! We spent our Christmas Eve cooking for my parent, sitting in church thanking God for Jesus, and then getting together with the in-laws for food and laughs. We had a great day today – Santa treated us well and our turkey dinner was delish! I work tomorrow and Thursday, and then Thursday night is Christmas dinner with some more in-laws! Kevin and I are very lucky.

I love Christmas and all the happiness and excitement it brings, and I also love to share with you what we get for Christmas! Last year my post was all sappy-like, but I like how a blogger-cousin of mine did hers, so for those of you curious folks, guess what I got for Christmas?!

A huge leather/cloth trunk with French and the Tour Eiffel all over it! Also, a HUGE Paris painting with little lights in the cool! They’re in my room already! :)

Slippers, BR sunglasses, Guess wallet

Lip balm, makeup brush, contact case

Clipboard&paper for clinical

Christmas books, toys, advent calendar, and cookie plate for when we have kids!

New office chair (I’m sitting on it now as I type this!), other new decor for around the house..

Christmas turkey platter & serving set for future turkeys at my house ;)

Clothes galore!! A coat, shirts, sweaters, pjs, leggings, shoes, and scrubs!

Beach-y decor for the kitchen, and a fruit/veggie slicer..

Christmas decorations & sooo many candles! Which is good because we’re almost always burning candles..


I feel like I’m missing a million things! And there are a lot of things Kev and I will share and things that are his that I’ll use anyway, so we could go on for days! I love everything, even if it isn’t listed!! I’m still running around like crazy, opening boxes and using new things. Laughing at Kevin who’s putting everything together already.. Just wanted to make a Christmas pit-stop by my blog and be thankful for all our blessings – physical or spiritual – before I hit the hay.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…”

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