Do you have any questions?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you question things?

Question the person you’re with, the path you’re heading down in life, the choice you made yesterday..?

I know I have.

Sometimes you really have to take a step back and question things. Question why someone said something to you – what was the real meaning? Question why people are acting a certain way, is it your own actions or theirs that is to blame? Sometimes, you might never find the answer, but without reflection how can anyone learn? Reflecting on yourself is just as important as reflecting on a situation or others in your life. How can you work each day to make something better? To make yourself better?

I keep wondering why something is a certain way. Is it me?

It’s so easy to lay the blame. Spread it out among all the people that have hurt you. Where is the resolve in that? You are just multiplying the number of people hurt in the situation. It’s hard to know where to start. I’m not an expert, I sometimes struggle with my relationships.

I question everything I say.

I question everything I do.

I question whether some things are worth the fight.

Then I question that, too.


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