Mes tatouages

I have 3 tattoos, and the reaction I get a lot is ‘you have tattoos?!’ so I thought I’d share pictures!


^ This is my first tattoo, done in Sackville NS in 2009. [mid-thigh, posterior]


^ A very poor quality photo (took it with my cell..) of my second tattoo, done in Oromocto NB in 2010. [lower abdomen]


^ My third tattoo – my lovebirds <3 Done in Fredericton NB in 2012 (still new!). [ribs]

So there you have it – my tattoos! Who knows, maybe I’ll have to add to this someday.. or at least update my abdominal tattoo because that picture is truly horrible!


5 thoughts on “Mes tatouages

      1. Mine too, for sure. Been working on convincing her to get a mother-daughter one.. Shouldn’t have taken her to see me get my ribs done ;) Bad move haha

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