Just Your Typical Thanksgiving Post…



This Thanksgiving, I wanted to take all of the things I’ve been complaining about, and somehow make myself thankful for them. I thought this little exercise in being humble and thankful would be a good one to share, as I’m sure many of you are in the same boat with me – complaining too much and thanking too little. So here goes the list:

“My new tattoo hurts!”

Well, I guess this one is pretty easy – self-inflicted pain and all! I’m lucky to be able to afford a tattoo, to be healthy enough to get one, and to have enough meaning behind this one to make it extra special to me.

“I have so much homework!”

Really, this one’s easy too. I’m lucky to be able to afford school, even if money’s tight sometimes. I’m lucky there is a great university nearby, that I have reliable transportation to and from school, and that I was ever even accepted into Nursing in the first place! I’m thankful for school.

“I have 3 clinical shifts this week instead of 2!”

Why do I even complain about these things again? So easy to see the other side of the coin! I’m helping people! I get to go into the hospital each week, pick up a couple patients, and help them! Spend time with them, invest thought and energy into their medical care! I’m thankful for this opportunity and learning.

“I have to work.”

Many don’t have jobs. I do. I even have one that works around my hectic Nursing schedule. I am thankful for that!

“I have chores/have to cook/have to do dishes’etc.”

I’m am lucky to own things that need cleaning or organizing, and I’m lucky to have a house to live in. I’m lucky that I can go to the grocery store and buy clean healthy food for myself. I’m thankful for the food in my kitchen and the roof over my head.

“Kevin isn’t here.”

This one is harder. This is the thing that I’m struggling with most right now. I remind myself – I’m lucky he’s safe & sound, he’s alive and doing well. So are all the men that went there with him. I tell myself that each day that passes is another day closer, another day crossed off. It’s also another day without him. But I am still thankful. I’m thankful he has friends over there that make him laugh. Friends he can talk to and share with. I’m thankful for his family here that faithfully awaits his messages or calls, and sends him letters or parcels. I’m thankful for the love we have, and the times he tells me that no matter what this will be over and we will get through it. I’m thankful to have him, even if I don’t have him here.

There are a tonne of things to complain about, but I’m thankful that mine aren’t as bad as they could be. There are many people – all over the world, and right next door – who don’t have as many things to be thankful for as you or I. I’m thankful for a walk in the woods with a friend, supper and laughs, movie night and wedding planning. I’m thankful for my parents,  they live 5min away but probably wish it was further – the feed me and hug me and help me get through things I didn’t think I’d need to get through. I’m thankful for work and my nursing pals, they know what it’s like, as only nursing students can. I’m thankful for my family – most of them live too far away for my liking, but they could be farther. Each and every one of them means so much to me.

So tomorrow, when I sit down with my Mom and Dad for turkey dinner, I hope I don’t have to say Grace. I just have much too much to be thankful for!

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