Things That Afghanistan Taught Me

Here are all of the things that Afghanistan taught me.. (please remember I’m speaking figuratively here folks..)

Afghanistan taught me:


how to worry and be scared, 24/7.

how to add 7 and 1/2 hours quickly to our time.

how to use Skype and ooVoo and be frustrated when neither work.

how to pick up poop like a pro.

that I can handle earwigs and get rid of them all by myself!

that I can NOT handle yellow-jackets/hornets and I can not get rid of them by myself.

that garbage day is my least favorite day.

that I really take for granted how much Kevin cleans and does around the house.

that I have pretty good neighbors.

that Mac really is one of the best dogs out there, and is struggling through this just as much as me!

that having no one to talk to at home really sucks.

that having friends is the best gift in the world.

to be super glad and thankful my parents only live 5min away.

that I am independent.

that I have the freedom to spend 6 weeks in Halifax and love every second of it, without needing to miss Kevin any more than I already did.

how to play with the timing of Mac’s phenobarbital.

how to cry inconsolably.

how to make myself happy.

what it feels like to have a broken heart.

that sending parcels is a huge hassle..but worth it I guess.

not to be so scared of the dark or being home alone.

how fast my heart can pound on one of those not-so-safe days..

to feel guilty over stupid things, like sleeping on ‘his side’ of the bed.

to daydream like it’s going out of style.

how to cry just thinking about it.

that nothing I do is safe anymore, crying just happens.

that YouTube can be a fun way to show Kevin what’s up.

that new friends come out of nowhere, and are usually pretty great!

that some days, you just HAVE to get off the couch.

that some days, you really don’t have to do anything.

that I love him, and I know it for sure.

that I miss him more than anything.

that I see him when I close my eyes, and it’s the best part of my day.

that I could feel so much excitement for just one moment in time, one hello, one welcome-home hug.

that I thought I couldn’t do this, but I can.

to be thankful, for every single day.


Thank you, Afghanistan, I guess.




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