Wedding Bliss

On the Wednesday that just passed, my Mom and I decided to do a little wedding recon mission! We are going inter-provincial on the 20th of August in search of a wedding dress, but we both thought that one recon shopping mission would be in order. I hadn’t tried on a single wedding gown since I got engaged in 2010 and so we thought it was important that I try on different styles to see what I like before I touch down in the streets of Montreal!!

And so try on dresses, I did!

Now, what I really wanted to do, was to post some pictures of my favourite dresses. Unfortunately, Kevin occasionally pops over to my little slice of internet real estate and so I can’t post pictures. Also, my Dad prints off every blog I write and has them compiled in a book. Would kinda blow the surprise, eh?

Instead, I think I’m going to talk about the feeling. Weddings, as many of you know, come with a lot of stress. Most of it being financial stress, worrying over costs of food and seeing dollar signs everywhere. It also come with the stress or organizing everything, losing lists and wondering what you’re forgetting. But there’s something that they don’t tell you. Something that they don’t mention, because I think it’s just too hard to explain. It’s the feeling of stepping into a wedding dress, having the back done up and then stepping up in front of the mirror.

I couldn’t really focus on the stress anymore.

I felt beautiful.

I don’t know what I expected after waiting almost 2 years to try on a wedding dress. I didn’t expect fireworks, mimes and dancing cats. I didn’t even really expect to cry. I expected to be confused and unsure of what I liked or worried about the prices. None of that really mattered! When I put on that first dress, I was excited. And when I looked in the mirror, all I could think was “whoever designed this dress is a God!”. And then I thought, if I feel this beautiful in a dress that isn’t “the one”, I can’t wait to put on the dress I will eventually buy.

I can’t wait to wear it down the aisle.

I can’t wait to wow the man of my dreams.

Ah, wedding bliss.

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