Too much face-time!

Hey you! Yeah you, the gorgeous person reading my blog right now! Meeeeow! ;)

I just was taking a little peek at my last few posts and thought maybe I’ve been giving you all a little TOO much face time! So I thought I’d use my brain and type out a few things for you! Fill you in on what’s been going on in the life of a not-so-glam Barbie! Overall, life is good. Kevin is still in Afghanistan but doing well, I’m working my patootie off to pay for school, and hanging out with Kelsey and Sasha in my spare time (hoping to get Sash in on the Many Faces action soon!).. I have spent some time with my ring bearer and his Mama too, which is always fun! I’m also heading out-of-province soon in the search for the perfect white gown for my wedding! Overall, August should be pretty busy! And then there’s September 6th! My very last first day of school, ever! I can’t wait!

So that, in a nut shell, is what’s been happening lately! I’ll try and keep things more interesting, promise!


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