Can’t Stop Blogging About Food


Thought I’d share another of my favourite meals! This is scrambled egg whites & white cheddar cheese on a whole wheat English muffin. I paired it with fruit (3/4 of a large banana and a handful of seedless red grapes) this time but you can do veggies for lunch instead of breakfast! Add a fruit smoothie, glass of water or skim milk and you have a delicious meal!

To see what my Dad wrote when he saw WordPress open while I was cooking supper, read below:


“Can’t Stop Blogging About McDonald’s Food

For years I’ve had this un-holy craving for M*cDonalds food.  Not that this has been unhealthy for me, but it has been expensive. Now that I’m working part time and can afford to eat out more, I’ve had the chance to really take my cravings to a new level.  Kevin thinks I’m going to get fat, since when we go out, he has a big M*c and I have one of everything and at least three large fries. But so far my weight seems to be hovering at a healthy 138.840 lbs to be exact.

Picture that muffin above with cheese and bacon, and ketchup, and imagine that banana smothered in the sweetest maple syrup that you can find…. and the grapes… well, you have to have some healthy snacks. Once I start working full time, my love affair with food will be able to bloom to it’s full potential…. I can’t wait.”

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