As the crow flies..


Today I was cruising along the highway when a crow hopped out in front of me. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll assume the crow was male. Anyway – I know you know what I mean, that little stiff hop that birds do when they’re too lazy to spread their wings. He was some distance off so I didn’t really slow down, I just sort of looked to see why in the heck he was hopping out into dangerous territory. I didn’t see any bird-grub on the road, just the one daredevil crow and his 2 crow friends on the shoulder. I got to wondering, as I admired how he stiff-hopped back to the shoulder in time to high-five his crow friends at the last minute, why he was stupid enough to jump out on the road. He could get squished! And then I thought, he’s taking some pretty big risks there!


We all take ’em, don’t we? We take chances, or guess, or hope that something will come through. We hop out in front of that car hoping that the reward is worth the risk of getting squashed. As evidenced by how often you see roadkill on the streets, it doesn’t always work out. Let’s face it, sometimes we get squished! You ask someone on a date, they say no. Stock market crumbles (does it crumble? I don’t know anything about stocks..). You get down on one knee and there’s that breath of a pause where you wait and see….

When you take a risk you know there’s a chance it won’t work out. I know that first hand. When I was younger, I swore I’d never date a military man. I thought that it wasn’t worth the risk. In the first months that Kevin was away, I still wasn’t sure it was worth the risk. I wasn’t going to leave him,  that I know for sure, but I got to a point where I hardly cared anymore. He would tell me one homecoming date, then another, then it would change again. I know we love each other but I was frustrated. Where was the reward for the risk our hearts were taking?

And then he came home for his HLTA. At last, my heart hopped off the highway at the last minute, in time to be reminded of just how much love, commitment, faithfullness, and passion it holds for this special military man of mine. We spent 19 days, safe on the shoulder of the highway, away from the danger, the distance, and the risk. Then I stood in the airport as he moved towards the plane, the risk building once again.

Then he took off to Afghanistan for many more long days, weeks, months.. the crow flies.

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