Eating outside :)

Hello again, cyber home! I’ve missed blogging SO MUCH and should have been doing a lot more of it. I’ve recently just returned home from 6 weeks away and have returned to a whirlwind of events/activities and therefore am only just getting back into the blog now. I have a throat infection and can’t sleep, so I figured now is as good a time as any! Now that I think back on the last while, there was a lot more I could have written about than just my Halifax adventures of the palate (my last, and short, post..) but here I am!

I was just reflecting on my day and thought that today was definitely about the simple things. Now, to provide some background, my fiance has been in Afghanistan since March 21 of this year. I’ve tried not to write a whole lot about that because there are enough army wives out there to do that for me. I am trying to keep my blog off the pity train and write about different things. BUT when I got back from my 6 weeks in Halifax, I brought a big secret home with me! Kevin called, before I left for home, to inform me that he’d be coming home for his vacation on May 31. And then he informed me that I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Well, my cousin was with me during this phone call so there goes the ‘no telling anyone rule’… Instead he gave me a list/general idea of the people he wanted to surprise and I wasn’t to give anything away to them! Mission impossible, but some way I managed to do it! Surprises went off without a hitch. :)

Fast forward one full week – to today. After a couple hours of horrible sleep I wake up to discover that yes, I still have a throat infection. And yes, it still hurts. Then I roll over and see that, yes, Kevin is still really here!! He’s really here! I wondered to myself how long it would take until I will stop being surprised that he’s home.. But anyway.. I decided that even though I feel like crap, I’d try to make the most of my day. I got up and puttered around for a few minutes until Kevin woke up. We went downstairs for breakfast and when we opened the kitchen blinds to look outside it was beautiful out! Sunny and bright with a bit of a breeze. So I made my mind up that we were eating our cereal outside. I marched my Froot Loops and my fiance right out the back door and we spent some time in silence at the picnic table. Got some fresh air. And I realized something that I never let myself think before – eating outside is nice!

I absolutely hate bugs and so for me to eat outside, well, it’s a brave act. Something I learned today though, since I ate all of my meals outside today (and my snacks too), is that it’s actually kind of refreshing! I got some fresh air, my dog had a chance to wander around the yard. And I got to spend some quality, no TV, time with Kevin! We’re all for eating on the couch watching TV most of the time, but today was a nice change. So I think one of my summer goals is to spend more meals outside. Or just more time outside in general. Kevin just built me and our pup a nice new fence out back so it would be a shame to waste it!

Yup, I guess I like eating outside! :)


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