Resolutions Revisited…

Let’s see how I’ve done so far?

2012 Resolutions:

01. Get as many of the things on my 101 list finished as possible. Maybe not the traveling and everything but the ones that are feasible.

I’m working on it! I’ve gotten a few done and others are in the works…

02. Give up pop – permanently this time!

So far so good!

03. Reach my goal weight through healthy eating and exercise. Make an appointment with dietitian as soon as Kevin leaves (to learn to buy/cook for one!).

I’ll get there…

04. Be more kind.

I’m still sort of a bitch. But I’m trying, slowly!

05. Plan as much of my wedding as humanly possible so that I don’t have to worry about it so much during 4th year/graduation.

I’ll get to this later, too…

06. Save more money. Specifically, enough for tuition & graduation, and any other money I don’t need to live on or need for the wedding.


07. Attend every class, except for appointments or special circumstances (excuses must pass by my Mother!). Let’s try this one again, shall we?

I asked my Mom for permission to skip class on the day my other Dad Lisa was visiting…she knew I needed her permission so she said no. But she meant yes… ;)

08. Spend some time stretching at least 5 days a week. Best feeling and I don’t stretch enough. In an effort to be specific, let’s say about 10-15 minutes, 5 days a week.


09. Sleep more. Go to bed early when I can and not stay up just because – except on Grey’s night!

I ♥ sleep!

10. Bake and cook homemade meals more! I really love it so I should do more of it.

I’ve done a little bit!

11. In keeping with the previous resolution – eat out a maximum of once every two weeks.

I ate out twice in one day this week…

12. Grow my hair! Only get trims and get those sparingly! I’m going to try and get it well past my shoulders by next new year.

Like watching paint dry….or hair grow.

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