The Back Burner

How does it feel to be over there on the back burner, blog? I’ve got a little saucepan of Barbiedollxo sizzlin’ away on the back burner and I haven’t so much as peeked over to check on it since January 1st. Great job on those resolutions, Barb.

Since my last post, 63 people have stopped by my little slice of internet real estate. 63 people looking to see if I’ve written anything new or to see how those resolutions are coming. I think the only thing I’ve done was install the WordPress App for Blackberry on my new phone, and then cross that one off the 101. There are 63 of you on the back burner. My stove top is getting a little full!

So, here I am, formally saying “Hi!” and getting back into the groove. I’ve started a new, challenging, and fast-paced semestre at school (Hello GENERAL SURGERY!) and there are also a few personal matters taking up some brain-power. But here I am, and here I shall stay!

Let’s move that pot from the back burner to the front…

Now we’ll turn up the heat…

And wait for the boil!


-B (back again!)

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