FNLL Week Twelve: Oh hey there, St. Nick!

Tonight’s FNLL falls on Christmas Eve! (Well, if I publish it at midnight, which I probably will!) In keeping with the spirit I thought I’d talk about Christmas! Did you know, almost 21 years ago, I was due to be born on Christmas Day?! How cool (NOT) would that have been? My Mom even wanted to name me “Nicholas” if I was a boy. I’m just glad she didn’t go with Jesus (he he) and luckily I waited till the new year to make my arrival. Nevertheless I was born with Christmas spirit, I think. I was born with an undying, never-ending, love and excitement for Christmas.

And guess what…?


I get almost as excited for Christmas Eve as I do for Christmas itself. It’s like I’m excited to be excited.

It’s time to eat that last chocolate.

It’s time to stuff the stockings.

It’s time to see those smiles.

It’s almost Christmas! :)

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