FNLL Week Nine: Stop your singing

Many of you know that Kevin will be leaving for Afghanistan in February. I might have also been annoying you with how sucky that is! Lately I’ve been trying to take on a more ‘everything is cool’ kind of attitude, but I’m a worrier and I don’t exactly have an off button. So most days I do alright, I worry about school and grades and the price of gas and not so much about the safety of my future husband – and really the rest of my life. Sometimes though you hear something or see something and it is like a big bright reminder that nothing in life is certain. Something always catches me off guard and then I’m a sobbing hot mess.

Listening to the news.

A flag at half mast.


They get me every time.


Update: After I published this – literally two seconds later – my cousin Pam shared a link on Facebook to a video with a happy ending. If you’re crying as hard as I am right now, just wait until you see this one.


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