FNLL Week Seven: Nursing

Twenty minutes to midnight and I am determined to get this one in on time. It’s week 7 of my FNLL post-a-week and so far it’s been going well. One thing that hasn’t been going well – my Facebook challenge! I’ve fallen off the wagon and Nursing won’t let me climb back up! Between clinical and my 4 other classes, I’m lucky just to get my homework done. And I leave things like my blog, my favourite little getaway, until the last minute. Ahh nursing, my most and least favourite thing at the same time.

So this week/weekend I’m going to get four papers done, and study for a midterm. And get a clinical presentation finished up. Nursing first, rest comes next.

Oh, and I’m also going to spend every second I can visiting with Mary & Pat – because family beats out even Nursing, sometimes. ♥

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