FNLL Week Six: Veterans’ Day vs Remembrance Day

Let’s compare!

I have a bit of a beef with the American Veterans’ Day. Don’t get me wrong – I think American soldiers, their families & friends are all pretty great. Heck I pretty much love America (from the few places I’ve been) but there are a few things that bug me this time of year. Their Thanksgiving is just way to close to Christmas, I need a passport to take advantage of the shopping deals now, and Veterans’ Day. In Canada, we have ‘Remembrance Day’ which is basically the same thing. The only difference being, we don’t treat it as a typical holiday. We have a day off in some provinces, others don’t. There are ceremonies, which I’m sure the US has as well. The difference, really, is that we never ever say “Happy Remembrance Day!!”. It’s just not so. We wear poppies and lay wreaths and listen to/attend ceremonies. We say “Lest we forget” or quote Flanders’ Fields. Heck, for 2 minutes we shut up completely! It is just not a “happy” kind of holiday.

So to my American readers, if there are any of you out there, I hope you had a solemn and meaningful Veterans’ Day.
To my Canadian readers, lest we forget, eh.

To soldiers of any race, gender, ethnic background, or country of origin – thank you.

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