FNLL Week Five: Missing Midnight

Tonight, on my fifth FNLL post, I missed midnight. The whole point of this is to have a weekly post and five weeks in I forget. Because I am just that forgetful. Ho hum! I don’t know how I even forgot, I logged in earlier and thought, sheesh, I should write something, but then was distracted and totally forgot. Totally. I must be tired, or lazy or something. Maybe I’m just so psyched that I got a 72% on the Microbiology test that I thought I failed, that I just wanted tonight off. My subconscious knows best I guess! So anyway, tonight I missed midnight, but I still showed up with a little something, even if it’s not literary genious or so meaningful your tearing up. You probably just crying because you went to all that work to click the link or type in the URL and all you got was this lousy post. Sorry people, I just missed midnight.


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