Christmas Creativity

Today I decided to wrap up a few Christmas presents to try and get some things out of the way in my office. It’s some serious procrastination (I have a microbiology midterm tomorrow, and I still have all day to study…) but I thought, why not? So, this year I decided on red and silver (I pick a theme for my wrapping every year) and I wrapped up the first gift.

Then I realized something! I didn’t have any gift tags! I hadn’t seen any that went well with my ‘theme’ and so I had put off buying tags until closer to Christmas. I figured there would be more selection once Walmart changed their seasonal section from orange and black to red and green. Then I thought to myself, since I’m procrastinating anyway – why not make my own tags? Now, if you were to ask my best friends who the creative one of us was, they definitely wouldn’t choose me!! But for once, a creative project that I took on actually turned out okay!


So here’s my holiday how-to:


First, get some cardstock and print out the design that you like. I searched a generic “gift tag outline” for the main shape, and found my cut-outs HERE.


Spend some time cutting out your decor. You can choose whatever you like to put on them, Christmas trees, children’s classics – I just tried to stick with my theme. After an hour and one sore hand later, we move on to step three.


Lay out your tags and cut-outs to see what style or organization you like. Maybe you like to stack them like I did above, or overlap them. Turn them on angles or make your tags horizontal! The sky’s the limit here, folks!


Now, glue all the cut-outs (or just one if that’s what you chose!) onto the tag. You can use glue stick, hot glue, or two-sided tape for this step, just make sure they’re secured well!


Now you get to decide how you want to fasten the tags! I chose to hole-punch one end and tie ribbon through. You can use anything you like!


Thread the ribbon (or twine, or decor wire, etc) through the hole-punched end. You can tie the ribbon straight or curl it first, with scissors.


Now you can write on your tags! On the back, use a dark pen or marker (careful it doesn’t write through!) to make the “to” and “from” and then a normal pen to mark who the gift is for!


Ta da!! The finished product! All I need to add is a bow and this gift is ready for giving!


Hope you enjoyed my very first how-to post, and if you decide to make your own gift tags, I hope you have fun! I know I enjoyed it much more than studying all afternoon!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Creativity

  1. Spend more time studying, I’ll give you the money for tags…. Your education is much more important than christmas… Good job though… LUL’sssssssssssss.

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