FNLL Week Four: Halloween

When I was little, Halloween was the highlight of harvest.

The pick of the crop.

The awesome in my Autumn.

Now, I just feel like it’s lost its spook. There’s no treat left in my ‘trick or treat’.

Every year I look forward to making candy bags with my Mama, and every year I look more and more forward to teaching my own children the tradition. All my friends want to dress up, I just want to pass out candy. All my friends want to watch scary movies and have some drinks, I just want to put my baby in a fat pumpkin costume and hit up the neighbours for candy that I won’t even feed him or her.

I am an old Mom in a 20-year-old body and I can’t seem to shake it. I need a cheap, easy, and quick costume idea and I just can’t seem to be bothered to come up with something creative. Maybe I should really just be an old lady for Halloween.

Grey hair spray, elastic pants up to my boobs. Loafers. Kleenex in the sleeve of my cardigan.

Anyone know where I can get that Eau de Old Lady?

2 thoughts on “FNLL Week Four: Halloween

  1. You pretty much sum up my life. My boyfriend gets irritated because I keep ‘ooh’ing and ‘aww’ing over every baby I see. I want to move out, have a house to clean, a family to take care of. I often feel like I’m too old for my age. Instead of drinking and going out, I’m content just sitting home with a tv and a good book. Lets drink tea in rocking chairs together.

    1. Oh please! I’d love a tea and rocking chair partner. We should visit each other soon. Or live next door to each other someday. Watch our toddlers play in the yard.

      Please please please, oh pretty please? <3

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