FNLL Week 1: Steve Jobs

The sun has set, midnight has yet to come and pass – it’s time for this week’s FNLL! For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, FNLL (Friday Night Last Light) is a little blogject (catch that? blog + project = blogject? No? Okay….) I’ve been working on getting off the ground! Every Friday night, sometime between SUNSET and MIDNIGHT I must write a new post. The end goal is a whole lot of people excited about my boring Friday nights! ;)

Tonight I want to talk about Steve Jobs’ passing and one particular incident that’s really upset me.

@Ihavethederp [Name removed by request.] tweeted the following, “So, I heard Steve Jobs died of Pancreatic cancer.. I guess you could say… *Puts on glasses* PC won in the end #YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAHHHH!”.

I replied to him “this is sick” but it was really not enough to express how disgusting his tweet really was. I mean, I’m all for a sick sense of humour – I am in Nursing and spend hours and hours in hospitals, sick jokes keep people sane sometimes! But, this tweet took it to a whole new level. In a time of sadness and grief for Steve’s friends and family it was an unnecessary comment.

I didn’t know Steve Jobs, obviously, and I really only own an ipod, so I’m not a superfan. I didn’t know he was sick and I learned of his death through a WordPress blogger. That doesn’t mean I am any less offended by a sick joke at a deceased person’s expense.

That’s this week’s FNLL, see you in seven days!


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