That’s so GAY

Are you freaking out yet? I mean, my title must have your mind going a mile a minute by now! Can you believe it? I used the word GAY. And I did it publicly, on the internet, for the world to see! Holy shit! Gay gay gay gay gay gay lesbian bisexual transgender gay gay gay gay GAY!

Guess what? SO WHAT! I’m sick of people judging gay people. Or whatever. Love who you want to love, be who you want to be – that’s alright with me! As a nursing student, we’re taught to put our judgements aside and care for all of our patients equally, treat them all equally. It’s pretty easy to do if you think about it, everyone is human and everyone deserves love and respect. Some of the most kind, and dear friends I have known have been NOT heterosexual. COOL!

Spread the love.

Show some compassion.

Peace, yo.


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